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Workshop on How to start a Start up – Legal & Ethical Steps

Resource Person : Dr.G.Vinoth, M.S., Ph.D, (USA), CEO & Chief Start up Designer, Pongu Ventures (P) Ltd., Chennai.

Date : 17th April 2021

Time : 10:30 AM

Objective of the Workshop:

To provide hands on session on Legal & Ethical Steps for Starting a Start up Company and deliver the Step by Step Procedure to the student Entrepreneurs and Faculty Entrepreneurs and Start up Founders and Aspiring Student / Faculty Entrepreneurs.

Target audience :The Webinar is open for Industry Personnel, Start up Founders, Faculty members, UG & PG Students.

Number of Audience : 84 Participants.

Outcome of the Program :

  • Start up Definition
  • Legal Steps in establishing a Start up and Minimum Viable Team / Partnership
  • Ethical Steps to be followed by Start up Founders & Quality Benchmarks
  • Cost involved in Start up Registration and Operation cost of a start up
  • Steps for Registration of a Start up Company

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