Idea Club


“Where Ideas Ignite”
The Idea Club of RRCE is dedicated to fostering innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among students. Our objective is to encourage students to think outside the box and develop unique solutions to engineering challenges.


S.No Name Designation USN Department
1 Dr. L.Rangaiah Professor & Head of
ECE Dept
Head of Idea Club
—————– ECE
2 Prof. Haritha. K. Sivaraman Idea Club Co-ordinator —————– ECE
3 Sahana. T. Gadikar President 1RR21EC068 ECE
4 Aman Vice –President 1RR22CS006 CSE
5 Sacheat Secretary 1RR21EC066 ECE
6 Syeda Vice-secretary 1RR21CS112 CSE
7 Thanish Events head 1RR22EC115 ECE
8 Shreya K N Students-head 1RR22EC095 ECE
9 Madhusudan Social Media 1RR22EE018 EEE
10 Charan Editing & Promotion 1RR21IS009 ISE
11 Omkar H Patil Purchase 1RR21AI037 AI&ML