President’s Desk


President’s Desk

Education is presently undergoing a welcome seismic change. In tune with the changing time, Rajrajeshwari Group of Institutions aims to help students to excel in the various fields of study of their choice.

In the field of education, Rajarajeswari Group of Institutions is looking at engaging the students in overall developmental processes. We have designed co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the students to be involved actively. The dedicated staff is devoted to the task of incorporating latest teaching methods with modern equipments and electronic gadgets for the benefit of the students. These proactive teaching methodologies have resulted in higher performance in examinations and academic activities.

The main focus of our Institutions is to empower students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training both in the academic level and in the highly competitive global industrial market. The infrastructure facilities and state-of-the-art equipments contribute to an enjoyable and an easy learning experience. Adequate care is taken to give every student an enjoyable well-rounded and secure educational environment. We wish the best for our students and along with the staff and professors at RajaRajeswari Group of Institutions; we aim at providing the best facilities in both academics and extracurricular field.

A.C.S. Arun Kumar, B.Tech (Hons)., LMISTE.,MIET.,(UK)., LMCSI.
President, RajaRajeswari Group of Institutions