Heritage Club


“Our culture and Our Pride”

We are here to deliver our Indian culture and pride to our RRCE students with our innovative ideas where they can able to learn, and spread it to the upcoming generations.

Heritage Club Committee

The following members are constituted as Social Media Cell Committee for the academic Year 2023-24.

S.No Name Designation USN Department
1 Prof VINODHA G Asst. Prof.
Heritage Club –
Faculty Co-ordinator
—————- ECE
2 Vaishnavi H M President 1RR22EC119 ECE
3 Srinivasa B A Vice –President 1RR22EC105 ECE
4 Thanish Gowda A R Secretary 1RR22CS105 CSE
5 Priyanka S Vice-secretary 1RR22CS072 CSE
6 Kushal Naidu Events head 1RR22RA023 RA
7 Chandana V.S Students-head 1RR22EC023 ECE


Events Report

Heritage Artcrafts 2024
Heritage Walk 2024
Suggi Habba 2024
Heritage Day Celebration 2017
Heritage Day Celebration 25th April 2015
Heritage Day Celebration 29th May 2015