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NSS – Unit Organized International Yoga Day

RRCE NSS Unit Organized the International YOGA day, at RajaRajeswari College of Engineering College campus, Bengaluru, Karnataka on 28th JUNE 2022 10.00 AM

Objective of this program is there are many slogans prevalent in the context of yoga day. Like yoga is the art of living life, everything will happen with yoga etc. Yoga is necessary for everyone, old, children, women, men and young people. It is essential for human welfare. Its theme has also been selected on this basis.

• With regular practice of yoga, everyone’s body becomes disease free.
• The stress of the body is reduced, and the pleasure of living a stress-free life is attained.
• Fertility problems in women and men are mainly solved by doing yoga.
• The blood circulation and digestive system are strengthened through yoga.

Mr. Murali Kumar faculty from the Science & Humanities Department (English) was the yoga instructor for the day. Formerly lighting the lamp fallowed by the students, all Teaching and Non-Teaching were participate in the event
In this day, NSS Programme Officer, NSS faculty Members and NSS Volunteers are actively participated.

More than 50 students were actively participated in this International yoga day.

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