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Webinar on Best Engineering Practices & Devops

Resource Person : Mr. Mithun Chavan ,Staff Data Engineer, VISA,Inc,Bangalore

Date : 19th September 2020

Objective :
▪ The talk was about Best Engineering practices – this will help students know the ground reality on What is expected when they graduate from college.
▪ DevOps- this is the leading methodology now in Software Industry. This helps any software build run parallel n scaling.
▪ This is one of the highest paid and a easy understood technology which is hit cake in market.

No. of participants : 76

Target Participants : Students of 4th 6th and 8th semester of ECE department.

Outcome of the Program :
The Students gained knowledge on

  • Basics of dev ops and the job opportunities in software Industries
  • They learnt about the best practices to be followed once they. Graduated..