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Technical Talk – Pre requisites to get hired

Topic : a) Pre requisites to get hired
b) Application of technical & professional skills after getting hired

Resource Person : Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed, Senior Product Design Engineering, Research & Development Department, Mercedes Benz Pvt. Ltd, India

Date : 11th October 2019

Venue : Edusat Hall. Dept. of Mech. Engg., RRCE.

Semester : 5th, 7th Semester

Organizing secretary : Dr. Ramesh C. Prof & Head, Dept. of Mech. Engg.

Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Thanuj Kumar M. Associate Professor, Dept. of Mech. Engg.

Outcome of the Program :
Students gained the knowledge and were able to understand the following:

  • The speaker spoke on how to prepare a quality resume.
  • The points one should keep in mind while preparing resume.
  • Knowledge of technical background, aptitude and GD.
  • Googling the details of the company which one applies for an interview.
  • Technical Details to work on a given problem and skill development.
  • Importance of attitude, dressing, body language and eye contact and communication.

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