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Technical Talk on Artificial Intelligence & its Futuristic Applications

RESOUCE PERSON : Dr. Anitha Jeyabalan, Professor, Dept. of CSE, Dayanand Sagar Academic of Technical & Management, Bengaluru.

EVENT DURATION : 6th September 2018 (10.45AM to 1.45AM)

VENUE : Von Neuman Seminar Hall, 2nd Floor, RRCE

EVENT COORDINATOR : III year and IV year ISE Students

INVITATION FOR : III year and IV year ISE Students


  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence Implementations in the Past
  • Applications of AI in the near future
  • Advantages in usage of Robots as Servants
  • Threats in Automation (Job loss)
  • Application areas of Artificial Intelliegence
  • Higher studies in AI at Foreign Universities (USA, German, UK and Australia)
  • Job opportunities in AI

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