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Technical Talk – Smart Manufacturing: A Disruptive Technology of the Future

Resource Person : Dr.S.Anand Kumar, Assistant Professor, IIT-Jammu, J&K State

Date : 09th March 2020

Venue : Arya Bhatta Hall, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Target Participants : 6th and 8th Semester

Number of students : 200

Faculty coordinators : Dr.R,MOHAN RAJ, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Outcome of the Program :
Dr.S.Anand Kumar delivered a talk titled “Smart Manufacturing: A Disruptive Technology of the Future”. The outline of the talk covered the following 1st Wave of Smart/Digital Manufacturing: CNC Machines, 2nd Wave of Smart/Digital Manufacturing: 3D Metal Printing, 3rd Wave of Smart/Digital Manufacturing: Metamorphic manufacturing (future manufacturing technique).

The brainstorming technical talk was the key highlights of this talk. The talk was overwhelmed with enthusiastic participation from different domain of technical fraternity including B.E students of Mechanical Engineering of 6th and 8th Semester.

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