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Alumnus Talk on Overview of Wireless Communication and Current Market Trends

Resource Person : Mr. Harish Dayalan Software Tester, Nokia, Crypto Day Trader ,Digital Content Creator, Director of Sweng Solutions Pvt Ltd, Director of Hash Premium Chocolate Makers Pvt Ltd

Date : 12th June 2021

Time : 10:30 AM

Objective :  To educate the students withfundamental knowledge of different generations of wireless communication systems.
 To learn about the virtual machines and current market trends

No. of Participants : 231

Target Participants : Students of 4th and 6th semester of ECE department.

Outcome of the Program :
The Students gained knowledge on

  • History and evolution of wireless communication
  • Physical Layer of Mobile Network system
  • Network Handshaking Technologies and Shared data Layer
  • Virtual Machines and P2P communication (IPV4)
  • Current Market Trends and Current Market Technology
  • When 5G is coming to market what are the challenges to be overcome

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