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Orientation Course

Organization : Centre of Excellence Aerospace and Defense

Resource Person : Dr. Badari Naryan, Mr. P Ramesh Kumar, Mr. H R Sudarshan Prasad

Date : 27-08-2019 – 29-08-2019 & 03-09-2019 – 05-09-2019

Venue : VTU regional office, RHCS Layout, Annapoorneshwarinagar, Nagarbahvi, Bengaluru

Semester : 5th Semesters Section A & B

Organization Secretary : Dr.C.Ramesh

Faculty coordinators : Asst.Prof. Mr. B D Wadekar

Outcome of the Program :
Students gained the knowledge about the following:
In their industry they supply pivot joints and earth moving equipments. Where they have metal defect identifies ,arc welding to join the metal ,induction hardening ,lathe machine ,CNC machines and roof cranes to carry out the heavy metal.

  • Introduction about the computer software such as 3D EXPERIENCE R2017X and ABAQUS CAE (2)
  • Design of aircraft, product design process, product design management, 3d experience software advantages and foundation course for developing skill in aircraft.
  • Controlling system of aircraft.
  • Introduction about the avionics system
  • The software used in the air craft design and the classification, functions, controlling system used in the aircrafts

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