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One Day Workshop on Techno Track – Track your own path

Resource Person : Mr. Manoj Naik, Tejasco techsoft Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Mr. Kantha Raj J, EPSN Digital Media Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Date : 27th April 2019

Time : 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM

Venue : Sathyendranath Bose Seminar Hall, 4th Floor

Target Participants : 6th Semester students of ECE/TCE

No. of Students enrolled : 120

Objective :

This workshop mainly focuses on the carrier opportunities for the budding engineers. This will cover the various domains such as IT-infrastructure, Networking and Security, Automation testing and Job Opportunities available in these domains. It will also give future guidance, carrier development, skill sets, roles and responsibilities for the students.


Inauguration –9.30 AM

  • Testing (Manual & Automation) which will be based on Web application development.
  • Android Application Development.
  • Guidance session: which will give insight to the students about various domains available, job pportunities, skill sets and knowledge about technologies that they should posses.


  • Networking and Security: which will cover about certifications, firewall and roles and responsibilities.


  • Talk based on IT– infrastructure which will cover about Server, architecture design,OS level administration and opportunities, skill sets, roles and responsibilities

Outcome of the Program :

The Students gained knowledge on

  • The workshop was based on IT Infrastructure, Networking and security and guidance on what to do next. First session was taken up by Mr. Kantharaj J who said how much important it was to have a better communication skill, what technical skills and programming languages were in demands etc. He said about choosing a right carrier path. He also briefed about different programming languages that are booming nowadays.
  • Mr.Manoj explained about IT Infrastructure. Different job opportunities in IT field like Networking Engineer, Testing Engineer, System administrator etc. He said about different Operating systems like Windows, LINUX, and MAC. Then he gave information about various networking system like virtual networking system and servers like Oracle virtual box, web server, print server, file server, media server and collaboration server. Even ethical hacking was discussed.
  • The workshop was useful. It gave an insight of what skill sets a student should possess and also how they should keep themselves updated of all the new technologies different certifications to sustain in corporate world.

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