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NSS Camp – COVID-19 Awareness Program at Kenchanapalya Village

RRCE NSS Unit Organized the NSS Camp – COVID-19 Awareness Program at Kenchanapalya Village, Bengaluru, Karnataka on 27th MARCH 2021 between 10.00 AM and 4.00 PM.

Objective of this program create an awareness on COVID-19 spread, how to prevent from spread of Corona virus by following the precautionary measures such as maintaining a social distancing of 2 meters, wearing masks, avoid large gatherings and proper sanitization.

In this camp, NSS Programme Officer, NSS Members and 50 NSS Volunteers are actively participated and gave the awareness on COVID-19 in Kenchanapalya village. More than 300 people were participated and visited 112 houses by NSS volunteers & given awareness on precautionary measures and explained on first three to five days medical treatment procedure to avoid fatalities.

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