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Industrial Visit – Vaishista Manufacturing Industry Pvt. Ltd

Resource Person : Mr. Gangadhar

Date : 31st August 2019

Venue : Chikkabanavara Post, Abbigere, Bengaluru

Semester : 3rd Semester

Number of Students : 38

Organization Secretary : Dr.C.Ramesh

Faculty coordinators : Asst.Prof. Ravi Kumar T
Asso.Prof. Pramod V Koujalgi

Outcome of the Program :
Students gained the knowledge about the following:
In their industry they supply pivot joints and earth moving equipments. Where they have metal defect identifies ,arc welding to join the metal ,induction hardening ,lathe machine ,CNC machines and roof cranes to carry out the heavy metal.

  • Pivot joints allow for rotation which is both internal and external like ball and socket joint, saddle joint, hinge joint, etc.
  • Metal defect identifier using the ultraviolet rays which detected the cracks in the work piece.
  • Gas metal arc welding and gas tungsten arc welding was done to join the metals to prevent them from oxidation and to create required amount of heat to join the metals.
  • Then is the induction hardening of the metals by the process of quenching. Where quenching is rapid cooling of the metals by water and coolants.
  • Then the lathe machines which attached coolants and CNC MACHINES.
  • There were roof cranes up to 5000kg to carry out the heavy shipping of the metals that are manufactured.

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