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Industrial Visit – KMF DAIRY

Date : 21st March 2019

Venue : KMF DAIRY,1ST Main Road, Maruthi Nagar,Yelahanka, Bengaluru.

Semester : 6th Semester B Section

Number of Students : 40

Faculty: Mr.MADHU K S

Work Station Area:

  • Collection of Milk from various sectors.
  • Testing of Milk.
  • Pasteurization of Milk.
  • Storage of Milk in tanks.
  • Producing of milk products such as Paneer, Curds and Milk in name of NANDINI.
  • Liquid milk is converted into Milk powder.
  • Testing of final product of milk produced.
  • Packing process.

The process involves collection of milk from various sectors of Village, Town and City. All the collected milk is supplied to K M F and testing process is carried to know the flat, quality of milk. Based on quality of milk is divided. Milk is pasteurized less than 100*c and stored in large tanks (1000 to 6000 lit. of tank). According to the requirement milk is used to produce the product like PANEER, CURDS, CHOCOLATES …, if excess of liquid milk remains then it is converted in milk powder. After the product produced testing is carried out to know the quality of the product. Finally, the entire product is packed by automated machines in some cases peoples also used for tool exchanges, shifting of finished product, to shift the operation carried on machine, to place the product correctly.

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