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Industrial Visit – Govt. Tools & Training Centre (GTTC)

Resource Person : Mr. Narasimha Prasad, GTTC, Rajajinagar,Bangalore

Date : 23rd September 2019

Venue : Govt. Tools & Training Centre (GTTC), Rajajinagar,Bangalore

Semester : 5th ‘A’ Semester

Number of Students : 45

Organizer : Prof.S M Vijaya, Dept.of ECE,RRCE

Faculty member accomplished the visit : Prof. Jyothi A P, Dept.of ECE, RRCE
Prof. Ajay M , Dept.of ECE, RRCE

Outcome of the visit :

  • Initially, the students were shown how the layout is drawn using different software, like Mastercam Mill (version 9.0).It was used by them to draw the layout .The material used is a metal , they code the NC program for the same , they dump the code into CNC machine, where it uses the code, automatically shapes and cuts the material as coded in the program.
  • Later on the students saw many automated machines like drilling, milling & threading machines and learnt about their operations.
  • A while later, students were taken to their robotics lab. There, Mr. Narasimha Prasad, robotics lab in-charge, explained us how robots were developed, how the technology changed, how it led to the development of different kinds of robot we see today. We also learned what type of robots industries use and what kind of robots are used in non-industrial applications. We saw how the robots work and were taught how to program a robot.
  • Overall, the visit provided us with great source of practical knowledge, exposed us to the working environment. We learned a lot from our visit, it created a positive feeling amongst us. We were inspired by their work & skillset.

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