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Expert Talk on How to Crack an Interview for Core companies

Resource Person : Mr.G.Prashanth Reddy Team lead, Intel India, Bangalore

Date : 20th February 2020

Venue : Dr.Satyendranath Bose seminar Hall, Department of ECE. RRCE, Bengaluru

Objective :

To bring industry and Academia closer
To explore curriculum as per the need of industry

Target Participants : Students of 4th and 6th semester of ECE department.

Number of students enrolled : 78

Outcome of the Program :
The Students gained knowledge on

  • How to phase an interview?
  • Expected interview questions in ECE Core Company.
  • Fundamental concepts are very important for Core Company.
  • Should prepared for your core subject very well, in technical be prepared with mathematics a little bit more.
  • Communications skills, Reasoning Skills and Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Discussed about basics of VLSI, Semiconductor (Trivalent impurities, pentavalent impurities), Parallel plate capacitor, dielectric medium, permeability.

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