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Green Day 2021

RajaRajeswari College of Engineering celebrated Green day on 06/08/2021, Friday at RRCE campus.Go green is a step to conserve our nature and lead eco-friendly life, which will help us as well as nature to sustain the natural resources for future generations. A clean and green environment always calms our minds and helps us to reduce stress. While
conducting the event, everyone followed the preventive Covid measures.

The event had in attendance, Heads of Departments across the faculties of the college. The committee was represented by the principal of RRCE, Dr. T Chandrashekar and faculties along with the all staff members.

Plantation: ‘ Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have a better future’, So we the group of RRCE
Green Club have taken the initiative to make our campus as Green and Clean by plantation.

Medicinal Garden: The college has developed medicinal Garden in the campus to provide a valuable knowledge of various properties of medicinal plants to the students and staff. We know that many plants have medicinal properties but we never tried to plant it in our surroundings. It is well known from historic times there are a number of plants available nearby which cure effectively a lot of medical problems without side effects at a very low cost and at the same time to enhance the understanding of students regarding importance of Nature. Keeping this in mind, the college
developed a garden of medicinal plants and planted a variety of medicinal plants in the campus.

Several plants like Holbasil, Bhirangaraj, Aloe vera, Bryophyllum, Turmeric, Catharantus roseus,
and many more were planted in order to support and appreciate the GO GREEN initiative.

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