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Faculty Development Program on Embedded Design using High End Processor

Date : 29th-31st July and 1st August 2017.

Place : Sathyendranath Bose Seminar Hall, Dept of ECE,RRCE

Workshop Objective : The objective of this FDP is to make the faculty comfortable dealing with high end processor such as ARM Cortex-32 and MSB-430 etc .The FDP is organized in such a way faculty get the understanding of processor/controller architecture in detail. The usage of the processor needs to understanding of assembly instructions, modes of operations and higher level language such as python to write higher applications. Faculties were given awareness on guiding, developing and documenting projects in right way.

Total number of participants : 26

Outcome of the Programme:

  • Most of the resource persons are from industry with vast relevant experience, so their sessions benefited the faculty in understanding the concepts clearly and the industry perspective of Embedded system design and development
  • Participants have gain knowledge about how industry working with silicon development fabrication, original device manufacturing and original equipment manufacturing and marketing with some examples such as Samsung, Intel, PCB design etc.
  • Participants have gained the knowledge on writing programs using python.

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