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Faculty Development Program on Advanced Networking

Resource Person : Mr. Prasanna, Technical Head, Livewire,Bangalore

Date : 1st August 2017 to 5th August 2017

Duration : 5 Days

Venue : CSE Seminar Hall

Target Audience :

To know about the Networking technologies while providing them with an opportunity to improve their Packet Tracing & Spoofing.

Number of Audience : 50 Faculties

Outcome of Event :

The objectives are to provide the faculty with an understanding of network engineering and digital networks. The learning outcomes include being able to identify what forms a network and how devices on the digital network communicate.

Faculty capabilities upon completion of the program include an understanding of techniques for information transmission between devices found on a digital network, an understanding of the types of devices found on a digital network and the principles for control of a digital network

The program outcomes include an introduction to the concepts of connection and connection-less information transmission over a digital network and the use of real time systems and services.

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