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Expert Talk on Industrial Internship Program

Resource Person : Mr. Nithin Avasti, APSIS-Solutions, Bangalore

Date : 16th May 2018

Venue : Satyendra Nath Bose Seminar Hall, Department of ECE, RRCE

Objectives : 1.To give awareness about the Internship Training program on the following topics
Microcontroller 8051 Family, ARM-NXPs PC 2148, Microcontroller chip PIC 18,
ATMEGA,IOT, Embedded C etc
2.Once students completes Internship Training program, students would go through stimulus
Andhands-on training to get practical and clear perspective of programming the above topics

No. of Students enrolled : 85

Target Participants : M.Tech and 6th Semester students of ECE,CSE and ISE are invited to Participate.

Outcome of the Program :
They are also benefitted by the vast awareness of the speaker about opportunities in core companies sand the Students understand the clear picture Focus on Lab VIEW, Python, Raspberrypi,microchip authorized training etc.