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Expert Talk on Carrier opportunities in VLSI, Data Sciences and VLSI

Resource Person : Mr. Rajshekar Rajanikant, Anaworks Technologies ,IC& IOT Solutions ,Bangalore

Date : 11th October 2017

Venue : Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam Hall,RRCE, Bengaluru

Objective :
There are many opportunities in VLSI related companies who design ,test and design for manufacturing .Proper training and thorough understanding of companies and their requirement is very impartment for students of ECE branch .IOT is started and developed very well in short span of time and provides many opportunities to students having thoroughunderstanding of sensor networks ,communications and cloud. Data sciences is the new field where in a lot of commercial applications are coming up. The awareness on data sciences and expertise in that will provide jobs in that

No. of Students enrolled : 100

Target Participants : 7th Semester students of ECE are invited to Participate

Outcome of the Program :

  • The Students understand the clear picture of opportunities in companies in India and abroad.
  • They are also benefitted by the vast awareness of the speaker about different companies’ job opportunities and preparation for each jobs were given in detail.
  • IOT and Data sciences are again the fields relevant to ECE core jobs.