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Creative club 2023

Date: 11-09-2023
Outcome of the program:
The purpose of Creative Club is to make College environment more creative and interesting. The club focuses on churning out different ideas from students which in turn helps in enhancing their individual thinking and perspective. Selecting the best idea and implementing that, helps in improving learning, decision making, imagination, collaboration and teamwork among students. Creative Club helps students to enhance their creative skills.
Ice breaking:
Ice-breaking activities can increase solidarity between participants. It is possible that the participants do not know each other. With this ice-breaking activity, the participants can get to know each other. Most importantly, doing ice-breaking activities can train our concentration. Memory matching game.
Communication game:
The goal for this game is to teach participants how to communicate well without using words. Non-verbal communication is essential in the workplace, as it allows people to better understand each other in a group. The larger the team, the more effective this activity can be for them.
Memory games:
Memory games can improve your memory, attention, focus, processing speed, and problem-solving skills. They can also reduce your stress, enhance your mood, and increase your confidence. By playing memory games, you are stimulating your brain cells and strengthening the connections between them.
Action Pass On:
The leader is the one who picks 2-3 movements and passes them to the next person. Everyone keeps their eyes closed except the players who are passing the movements. At the end, the last player shows everyone the movements they got to see if they match up with the original.
The event was hosted by the creative club coordinators

Sl No Department Faculty Name
1. EEE Prof.Avinash C M
2. ECE Dr.Deepika J
3. CSE Prof.Megha L
4. AIML Prof Rashmi
5. Chemistry Dr. Pruthviraj
6. MBA Prof.Meghana
7. MCA Prof.Sreedhar V


We thank our Principal and management for encouragement and support.
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