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Awareness Program on Self Learning & Skill Development

Title of the event:Awareness Program On “Self-Learning & Skill Development”

Chief Guest Person:Mr. Kamlesh [CEO, Sookshmas e learning Pvt Ltd] & Mr. Karthik M. N [Developer and Academic Head at SOOKSHMAS]

Date: 18/11/022

Time: 10 AM to 2PM

Venue: 2ND FLOOR (AIML) Department

Organizer: Dr. RAJESH K.S HOD (AIML)

Faculty Co-Ordinator’s: Prof.Mamatha K.R (AIML) and Prof. Prarthana H.R (AIML)

Target Participants: 2nd year and 3rd year (AIML), 5th sem CSE and ISE Students

Outcome of the program:

    1. Students will be able to practice acquired knowledge within the chosen area of technology for development to Identify the issues and challenges of industry.

    2. Inspires the curiosity and motivate further discovery

    3. Self learning helps to develop problem solving skills

    4. Self learning is process where individuals take primary charge of planning continuing and evaluating their learning

    5. Skill development is used to refer to the productive capabilities acquired through all levels of learning ant training on job setting

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