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3 Days SDP on Internet of Things(IoT)

Resource Person : Supreeth Y S & Aditya ,Preva Systems Ltd,Bengaluru

Date : 30-08-2018 – 01-09-2018

Venue : CSE Seminar Hall

Target Participants : 2nd and 3rd year CSE Students

Outcome of the Program :

Day 1: 30-8-18

  • Introduction to IOT with some PPT’s and videos
  • Discussion of various use cases
  • IOT architecture, IOT components and structure theory
  • Applications of IOT in :Smart Cities, Smart Homes ,Smart Agriculture ,Smart Transportation Smart Healthcare

Day 2: 31-8-18

  • Introduction to Arduino IDE- Hands on session
  • Installation of Softwares
  • Introduction and Hands on session with ESP8266 NodeMCU, Sensors (IR-sensor, LDR sensor,DHT).

Day 3: 01-9-18

  • Introduction to cloud platforms for IOT Things Speak, Blynk app
  • Introduction to Blynk app- for controlling devices from anywhere in the world
  • Hands on with mini project and demo
  • Introduction to IOT protocols – MQTT and Raspberry Pi (Theory Session)
  • Introduction to voice controlled home automation using Google assistant
  • Ideathon competition

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