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Publications of V. Sreepathi

  1. V. Sreepathi “Controlling multi motors using single microcontroller”, WORLD COMP’08, CHICAGO, U S A.

  2. V. Sreepathi , Dr. Ashok Kusagur, “Novel Development of Fuzzy Control Strategy of an AC Drive in Power Electronic Based Systems” in International Conference on Emerging Computation & Information Technologies ICECIT-2013 at Siddaganga Institute Of Technology, Tumkur-3, India on Nov. 22-23, 2013

  3. V. Sreepathi “Design & FPGA Implementation of Digital Up counter” in International Conference at Guna, MP.

  4. V. Sreepathi, Sunil Kumar. S. Patil “Design of new encoder and Decoder for (n,k,t) binary BCH code used for Digital Transmission” National Conference on Recent Trends in Communication & Networking at DBIT, Bangalore Jun 2013.

  5. V. Sreepathi, Sunil Kumar. S. Patil “Implementation of Improved (n,k,t) Binary BCH Code in Error Correction “International Conference on Information Technology, Electronics and Communication (ICITEC-2013) at IAIRS, Bangalore, Jun 2013.

  6. V. Sreepathi “ Energy Efficient Routing Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Trust Evaluation “ at Recent Trends in Electronics Communication Engineering on 4th May 2013.

  7. V. Sreepathi “An Effective Level Quantization Algorithm for Data Transmission in a Wireless Communication Network” at International Conference on Electrical Electronics & Computer Science Engineering held at Chennai on 31st March 2013.

  8. V. Sreepathi, Ashok Kusagur “Number Plate Recognition Using Neural Network”, X Control Instrumentation System Conference, CISCON-2013, MIT-MAHE Campus, Manipal – 576104, Karnataka, India, 20 – 21, Dec. 2013.

  9. V. Sreepathi, smitha v “A novel approach to increase the routing efficiency using greedy method to improve network lifetime of WSN” international conference ,DBIT, May 2016

  10. V. Sreepathi, vidhya, susmitha..” power generation using MAGWILL WIND MILL” 2nd International Conference on Power, Circuit and Information Technologies (ICPCIT-2016), RRCE, May 2016.