Publications of Mrs. Rajeshwari S

International Journals

  1. Rajeshwari S, published a paper on “A Smart Switch to Connect and Disconnect Electrical Devices at Home by using Internet”, in IJSTE, Volume 5, Issue 10, ISSN (online): 2349-784X.

  2. Rajeshwari S , Published a paper on “A Pragmatic check out system for remedy eyeglasses” in IJESC– International Journal of Engineering Science & Computing| Volume 8 | Issue 4| April 2018, ISSN :2250-1371.

  3. Rajeshwari S , Presented & Published a paper on “Dynamic rumors Arouse criticism upon customer revel in social Network” in 2nd International Conference on Mechanical, Civil, Electronics & Communication And Computer science Engineering held on 12th & 13th April 2018, IJARTET Volume 5| Issue 4| ISSN:2394-3785,Impact Factor:5.338

  4. Published a paper on “Android Based Body Temperature, Heart Beat and Drouse Sensor Monitoring Using SMS Based Telemedicine System” in Int. Journal of Engineering Research and Application, ISSN : 2248-9622, Vol. 7, Issue 5, ( Part -3) May 2017, pp.75-7, DOI: 10.9790/9622-0705037578.

  5. Published a paper on “Compelling Protection Schemes for Phishing Attacks On Cell Phones” in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology (IJARCET) Volume 06, Issue 05, May 2017, ISSN: 2278 – 1323.

  6. Presented & published paper on”A Radar Target Generation For Airbone Targets” in IJARIIE-ISSN(O)-2395-4396, Vol-2 Issue-5 ,May 17th 2017.

  7. Rajeshwari s, Dr.B.R.Prasad Babu,Dr.k.Prasada Rao,”Hiding High Fraction Of Location Privacy Through Novel Epidemic Model”, International journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology(IJARCET), vol 4, Issue r, April 2015, ISSN 2278-1323

National Conference

  1. Presented a paper on Hiding High Fraction Of Location Privacy Through Novel Epidemic Model in National conference on Recent Advances in Science, Engineering & Technology NCRASET-15 at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering Bengaluru on, 8th may 2015.

  2. Presented a paper on “Traffic rules violation management system” in National conference on National technology congress held in Nimhans Conference Hall Bangalore on june 23rd 2013.


    1. Rajeshwari S, Attended 7days AICTE sponsored one week hands on Workshop on “Advances in Communication Networks Using Network Simmulator-NS3”on 11th -16th December 2017 at ECE, RRCE, B’lore.


    1. Ms.Rajeshwari S Attended Seven Day’s FDP on Mobile Application Development and Python programming organized by CSE Department, RRCE, Bangalore on 22nd-28th January 2018.

    2. Mrs.Rajeshwari S has successfully completed online national level FDP on decoding examination during and posts COVID 19 on 8th may, 2020 organized by SKILLSLATE and powered by Zovy studios, Pune.

    3. Mrs.Rajeshwari S has participated in the webinar entitled “Introduction to web application development using PHP”, at ACSCE, Bangalore on 18th may 2020.

    4. Rajeshwari, Attended 5 days FDP on “ Salesforce Essentials for business specialist” during 22nd-26th July 2019 at CSE, RRCE,B’lore.

    5. Rajeshwari S, participated and successfully completed 3-days “Faculty Development Program for Student Induction (FDP-SI)” during 30 January – 1 February, 2020 at ACS College of Engineering, Bangalore organized by All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE).

    6. Attended a 2 days FDP on “Web programming and its technology” during 23nd -24th July 2018 organized by ISE& CSE dept RNSIT Bangalore.

    7. Attended a 2 days FDP on “Introduction to R Programming” during 25th -26th June 2018 organized by CSE dept RRCE Bangalore.