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Publication of Dr. R.Mohan Raj

International Journals

    1. Mohan raj, R, Sakthivel, M. and Vinodh, S. “QFD Integrated Value Stream Mapping: An Enabler of Lean Manufacturing”, ‘International Journal of productivity and Quality Management’ Vol.7, No.4. 2011, pp.501-522

    2. Mohan raj, R and Sakthivel, M. “Fuzzy QFD Integrated Value Stream Mapping: An enabler of Lean Manufacturing Practices”, ‘Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering’ Vol.3, No. 4(Sep-Oct 2012), pp. 34-36.

    3. Mohan raj, R, Sakthivel, M., Vinodh, S. and Vimal, K.E.K. “A Frame Work for VSM Integrated with Fuzzy QFD “, The TQM Journal, Vol 27 No.5,2015 pp.616-632.

    4. Mohan Raj.R and et al. ” Effectiveness of Galvanic Protection on the Reduction of Chloride Content in Concrete,”I J C T A, 9(9), 2016, pp. 3813-3820 © International Science Press.

    5. Mohan Raj.R and et al,”Application of Anlytic Hierarchy Process for Prioritization of Fit manufacturing”International Journal of Business Excellance. Accepted

International Conferences

    1. Mohan raj, R, “Conceptual modeling of Collision Damping system for Automobiles and fabrication of Prototype Model”, International conference of Team Tech -2006, at IISc, Bangalore.
      Note that the paper presentation based on this project, secured the best technical paper presentation award at International Conference of Team Tech 2006 at IISc., Bangalore.

    2. Mohan raj, R, Sakthivel,M, and Vinodh,S. “Development of VSM for a piston part of shock absorber, manufacturing”, International Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering- 2011’ at Dr.M.G.R Educational and Research Institute University, Chennai.

National Conference

    1. Mohan raj, R, Sakthivel,M, and Vinodh,S. “Application of VSM for a pump manufacturing organization”, National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engg.,2013 at Prasad V.Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Vijayawada.

Discipline of Research and Consultancy work

    1. Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Science, Lean Manufacturing