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Five Day FDP on Mobile Application Development for Innovation

Resource Person : Mr. Sridhar Raghu, Associate Engineer,Pseudo code, Bengaluru

Date : 05th – 09th April 2021

Venue : CSE Machine Learning Laboratory.

Objective of the FDP:

  • Learn and acquire the art of Android Programming.
  • Configure Android studio to run the applications.
  • Understand and implement Android’s User interface functions.
  • Create, modify and query on SQLite database.

Topics covered :
Mobile Application Development laboratory (18CSMP68) using Android Studio Platform App Builders.

Target audience :The FDP is open for the participants from academia CSE/ISE Faculties.

Number of Audience : 23 Participants.

Outcome of the Program :

  • Create, test and debug Android application by setting up Android development environment.
  • Implement adaptive, responsive user interfaces that work across a wide range of devices.
  • Infer long running tasks and background work in Android applications.
  • Demonstrate methods in storing, sharing and retrieving data in Android applications.
  • Infer the role of permissions and security for Android applications.

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