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Publications of K.S Rajesh

National Conferences :

  1. Privacy preserving Data mining.

  2. Knowledge & cache Analysis in Data mining.

  3. Thoughts on protocol Architecture for Vehicular Ad-hoc networks.

  4. Metrics performance evolution of safety application in Vehicular Ad-hoc networks.

  5. Secured wireless sensor networks.

  6. Virtual keyboard

  7. Reactive & proactive Routing protocols in MANETS.

  8. Performance Issues on AODV & DSDV for MANETS.

  9. Creating a win CE based BSP design for a controller.

  10. A Quality Of Service In Multicasting Manet.

  11. Corrective Information Based Registration.

  12. Wormhole Injection In Ad Hoc Routing Protocol.

  13. Cluster routing in delay tolerant mobile network: a survey.

  14. Redundancy Management of Multipath Secure Routing for Intrusion Tolerance in Heterogeneous WSN.

  15. Modified Adhoc on Demand Routing Protocol in Manet.

  16. Cloud data retrieval for multi keyword based on data mining technology.

Inter National Conferences:

  1. Routing Mechanism in Ad hoc Networks.

  2. Enhancing Network Capacity and Throughput in Data Center Networks.

  3. A Survey on A Novel Approach for Anonymous Onion Routing Protocol.

  4. An Enhancement of Reliable Reactive Protocol for Secure Packet Transmission

InterNational Journals

  1. Compression of Initial Ranging Scheme in WIMAX Using Markova Models

  2. Security Performance Issues on ASRP in MANETS.

  3. Efficient power utilization in Manet.

  4. Design and Implementation of AMRP for Multi hop

  5. Wireless Mobile ad hoc Networks.

  6. Minimize the data packet dropping by malicious Nodes in MANET using FSR Algorithm

  7. Cloud Data Retrieval For Multikeyword Based On Data Mining Technology

  8. Secure Encryption Routing for MANET

  9. A Survey on: Secure up/down stream routing protocol for reliable packet transition