Publications of Dr.H R Yeshovanth

    1. Fracture /Crack Growth analysis in dovetail attachments for varying flank length & Friction along the contact surface International conference ADVANCED MATERIALS, MANUFACTURING, MANAGEMENT & THERMAL SCIECES (AMMMT-2010) NOV 18th & 19th 2010 , SIT, Tumkur.

    2. Non-Linear FE analysis of dovetail Joints in aero engine compressor disc International Journal INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON MECHANICAL & AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING.
      ISSN 0974-231X,(IJMAE),FEB 2012-MARCH 2012 Spring Edition 2012
      PP (07-13),volume 21,Issue No. 01

    3. Appaji Gowda B.M, Dr. H R Yeshovanth.,(2014) “A sub-modeling Technique to capture contact stress for an Dovetail attachment in aero engine rotor” National Symposium on Rotor Dynamics-2014

    4. (Communicated) Stress Analysis of Dovetail Joint 1st African Inter Quadrennial ICF conference AIQ-ICF 2008 Reference N.: 0094-C09/AIQ-ICF2008 (Abstract only) Authors: Yeshovanth H.R. Gopinatha Gargesa, Ramachandra

    5. 2-D stress Analysis of Blade Root Attachments International conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering 2008 (ICME2008) (Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia) (Abstract only) Authors: Yeshovanth H.R. Gopinatha Gargesa, Ramachandra K