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Workshop on Learn Electronics and Do your own Projects

Date : 18th,19th and 21st August 2017

Venue : : Satyendranath Bose Seminar Hall, Dept.of ECE,RRCE

Workshop Objective :

Objective of the workshop is to give awareness on the trends and activity happening in the field of Electronics and communication. This workshop is intended to trigger curiosity and generate interest in doing hands on work and projects relevant to their subjects every semester and get tuned to the requirements of industry.

Target Participants : 3rd Semester students of ECE are invited to participate

Number of students registered : 115

Outcome of the workshop :

  • The 3rd semester students gained awareness on Electronic Circuits, trends in industry, industries involved in product design, VLSI, Communication, Telecommunication etc.
  • They were also given awareness on what core industries going with reference to ODM and OEM, and development and R & D sector.
  • Hands on sessions using discrete components and PCB. Projects ideas were generated and feasibility was discussed.
  • Students are also enabled to use open hardware boards such as Arduino.
  • During the project execution they also gained knowledge on the schematics, selection etc.
  • They could also do few projects based on Arduino boards.

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