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Workshop on – Kannada Kalike Karyagara

  • Event Duration: 18th July 2016.
  • Organizing Secretary: Dr. L SwarnaJyothi, HOD, Dept of ECE, RRCE
  • Mentors:
    • Prof. S M Vijaya, Dept of ECE, RRCE
    • Prof. P Bhuvaneswari, Dept of ECE, RRCE
    • Prof. Saroja Malarabhavi, Dept of ECE, RRCE
    • Prof. Pushpa M J, Dept of ECE, RRCE
    • Prof. Vani S Badiger, Dept of ECE, RRCE
    • Prof. Lokesha K, Dept of ECE, RRCE
    • Prof. Harish N J, Dept of ECE, RRCE
    • Prof. Ajay M, Dept of ECE, RRCE
  • Venue: Department of ECE, RRCE, Bengaluru.
  • Mode of Event: Intra College level
  • No. of participants enrolled: 28
    Target Participants: Group D Workers of RRCE who have either studied 1 or 2 years of their schooling or not attended any school.
  • Objective of the Workshop: It is to teach them to learn Kannada Alphabets, write and recognize their personal and basic information related to them. The workshop has enabled them to learn all Alphabets of Kannada, read and write Kannada fluently.
  • Outcome of the event:
    • The participants have successfully learned to write personal information and names close to them.
    • They have gained the confidence to read and write Kannada documents.

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