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Workshop on Concepts of C & Key aspect to Crack Interview Questions!

Resource Person : Mr. Karthik M N , NIET, Bangalore

Date : 9th November 2017

Venue : Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam Hall,RRCE, Bengaluru

Objective :
 The students need to have clear understanding of concepts of C programming and key aspects to tackle.
 Any test for placement in software development companies
 Since the Department of ECE has no second course in C programming after Ist year.
 The workshop for refreshing their knowledge and giving them awareness on the important aspects of C programming from interviews point of view essential.

No. of Students enrolled : 100

Target Participants : 7th Semester students of ECE are invited to Participate

Outcome of the Program :
The Students gained Knowledge on

  • The students were asked registration for workshop so that only the students interested in taking of software related jobs could enrolled.
  • The workshop made interactive and the learning was made interesting by providing them the concepts followed by working out on few examples relevant to the C concepts.
  • Students have given very good feedback and the workshop was quite useful for students who attended.