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Webinar on How to select the Internship Topic on Embedded Systems and Internet of Things with Android App Development

Resource Person : Mr.KUSHAL VISHNU NESARKAR, Embedded System Engineer ,
EdGate Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

Date : 19th August 2021

Objective : Embedded Systems and API Level
Programming for ARM Cortex M4F Micro controllers” and is based on the advanced development tools from Texas Instruments. The Tiva TM4C123GXL Development Kit offers a
complete High Performance Embedded solution while integrated with Code Composer Studio
IDE which simplifies the application development.

No. of Participants : 89

Target Participants : Students of 6th semester of ECE department.

Outcome of the Program :
The Students gained knowledge on

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems and Code Composer Studio IDE
  • Concepts of different Peripherals and API Level programming
  • Interfacing External Modules to the Microcontroller
  • Introduction to Microcontroller and Energia IDE
  • Introduction to TI-RSLK Max and Android App Development
  • Robotics with IoT
  • Students learned how to write simple programs.
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