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Visit to “U R Rao Satellite Centre”

Title of the event: ISRO Visit

Type of the event: Visit to “U R Rao Satellite Centre”

Event Schedule: 23-02-2023

Venue: U R Rao Satellite Centre HAL Old Airport Road, Vimanapura, Bengaluru

Target Participants: 3 rd year Information Science and Engineering Students(56)

Faculty coordinators: 1.DR.Neha singhal HOD-ISE

2.Prof. Vijayalaxmi,AP-ISE

Outcome of the program:

This visit was mainly focused on to understand the procedures involved in making of
Students got to know about the technology, the equipment’s being used.
Got to know about the test undergone before launching of the satellites, such as
temperature test, vibration test, sound test etc.
The current projects being held by ISRO are
Project ADITYA
Student witnessed the models of all kind of satellites like
Student understood the procedure to join ISRO and perks of joining ISRO.

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