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Prototype Exhibition held on Engineers Day – 2022

Report of “Prototype Exhibition held on Engineers Day 2022” Celebrations jointly organized
by Department of Mechnaical Engineering & RRIIC on 15th September 2022
Date: 17/09/2022
Time: 9.00 A.M. To 1.00PM
Organizing Committee:
Dr.Satheesha V(Associate Professor-Me)
Dr.c.Ramesh(HOD – ME)
Dr.N.Sreenivasalu Reddy(Associate Professor-ME)
Dr. Vishwanath K.C(Associate Professor-ME)
Office Bearers
Dr.T.Chandrashekar(Principal – RRCE)
Dr.c.Ramesh(Convener – RRIIC)
Dr.Balakrishna R (Dean – RRCE)
Dr.S.Usha(Dean – R&L)
Dr.j.Amutharaj(President – RRIIC)
Number of Project Exhibited: 22
Number of Student Participated: 49
Jury Members:

  • Dr.C.Ramesh, Professor and Head, Mech. Engg. & Convener – RRIIC
  • Dr.Siddesh H S, Prof. & HoD, Mech.Engg.ACS College of Engg., Bangalore- External Expert
  • Dr.M.Karthikeyan, Professor & HoD – Robotics and Automation Engg.
  • Dr.N.Sreenivasalu Reddy, Associate Professor – Mech. Engg
  • Dr.Vishwanath K C, Associate Professor – Mech. Engg
  • Dr.Satheesha V,Associate Professor – Mech. Engg


SI.No Name Of The Winner Department Reward/Prize
1 N K Shrinivas (1RR18EE023) 8thSem, 4th year, EEE Dept. 1st prize , Rs 1000 Cash Prize for each batch, Shield and Merit certificate
2 Devika U (1RR18EC020)
Dhakshayani J (1RR18EC021)
Gagana Mirr (18EC029)
8thSem, 4th year ECE 2nd prize , Rs 500 Cash Prize for each batch, Shield and Merit certificate
3 Saravana S,(1RR18ME045)
Veeresh G C, (1RR18ME101)
8thSem, 4th year Engg Merit certificate

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