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Industrial Visit to UR Rao Satellite Centre – 2023

Title the event: Industrial Visit to UR Rao Satellite Centre, Bangalore
Resource Person: Mr. Srinivas, Scientist.
Event Duration: One day – 17/05/2023
Venue: ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore – 17
Target Participants: Third Year UG Students.
Faculty Accompanied: Prof Ajay M and Prof Vinoda G
Industry visit coordinator: Dr.Vijaya.SM
Outcome of the Program:

  • Gained Knowledge about subsystem of Rockets and Spacecraft
  • To differentiate between PSLV and GSLV.
  • Gained knowledge about TV Broadcast mechanism with the help of demo model.
  • Gained knowledge about different Satellites.
  • Gained knowledge about launching of satellite.
  • Video on Chandrayaan Launch.
  • Satellite assembly in the clean room.