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FDP on WSN & Scilab

Date : 23rd to 28th January 2017

Venue : Seminar Hall, Dept of ECE,RRCE, Bengaluru

Target Participants : 26

FDP objective: FDP titled “WSN and Scilab” is to impart skill necessary to start /forward the research in the field of wireless sensor networks .The objective is to make the participant free from of clutches of proprietary softwares. This program will also enable the participants to formulate the problem statement and established proof of concept using hardware.

FDP Outcomes:

     As the FDP was organized in collaboration with Nihan Communications Private Limited , Bangalore .The participants could get practical exposure and the current scenario of WSN.
     The participants understood the usage of modes, gateways and the cloud.
     They could successfully deployed the wireless sensor network (WSN) with multi modes, gates connected to the cloud through local data bases such as Laptops.
     The experience gained by the participants in their programming modes, gateways and cloud was Commendable. Many of the participants have registered for doing research in WSN.
     Apart from this they also learned the network simulation, using Scilab.
     The participants were also gained knowledge on Latex for documentation.
     The advances in WSN and research direction were obtained through expert lecture

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