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Faculty Development Programme on TQM

Resource Person :
Prof. Dr. Narahari
Professor,Dept. of IEM
RVCE, Bangalore.

Prof.Dr.A.K Moorthy
Dean,AMC Engineering College

Prof. Dr.D.P Girish
Dept. Of Mechanical
Govt College of Engg,Ramnagara.

Prof.Madhav Murthy,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
B.M.S.College of engineering,

Date : 29/01/2018 to 31/01/2018

Venue : Seminar Hall/ Mech, RRCE Campus, Bengaluru.

FDP Objective :

  • Define the concepts of Total quality management
  • Ensure the awareness culture of total quality management
  • Understand various approaches to TQM
  • Understand the characteristics of quality leader and his role.
  • Enhance the knowledge in Tools and Techniques of quality management

Number of Participants: 30

FDP Outcome:
The participants in overall enhanced their pedagogy skills in the subject, Total Quality Management.

  • By way of knowing the significance of the various definitions, concepts, principle, benefits and Quality Gurus of TQM
  • Understanding the clarity of various approaches in case of implementing TQM in industries
  • Interactions have been done over the Quality Management Systems such as benefits of ISO registration, ISO 9000 series standards and ISO9001 requirements.
  • Detailed study has been experienced on the role of TQM leader, Characteristics of quality leaders, leadership concepts, ethics, etc.
  • Discussion has been covered on customer perception of quality, customer complaints, customer retention and case studies
  • Understanding the various tools used for statistical process control such as Pareto diagram, Flow diagram, cause and effect diagram, check list sheet, various control charts, etc
  • Detailed study has been carried out on Bench marketing, QFD, Quality by Design, TDM.FMEA

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