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The objective of camp is,
• To understand the practical applications of Surveying.
• To use Total station, Plane table, Dumpy level, Theodolite, Chain / Tape and other Measurement Equipment’s.
• Work in teams and learn time management, communication and presentation skills.
In view of the objective the students of III-year, VI semester, students have undergone this camp during 17/03/21 to 27/03/21 (10 days). Through the camp the students surveyed for various projects such as,
1. New Tank Project
2. Water Supply and Sanitary Project
3. Highway Project
4. Restoration of an Existing Tank and
5. Town/Housing / Layout Planning.
The above projects were successfully conducted at Mukthi Naga temple, Ramohalli, Bangalore – 560060.
In this Survey Camp the students gained,
• Surveying Knowledge.
• Interpersonal skills.
• Professional skills.
• Applying surveying knowledge and tools effectively for the projects.
• Understanding Task environment, Goals, responsibilities, Task focus, working in teams towards common goals, Organizational performance expectations, technical and behavioral competencies.
• Application of individual effectiveness skills in team and organizational context, goal setting, time management, communication and presentation skills.
• Professional etiquette’s at workplace, meeting and general
• Establishing trust-based relationships in teams & organizational environment
• Orientation towards conflicts in team and organizational environment, Understanding sources of conflicts, Conflict resolution styles and techniques.

This camp is successfully completed by the support of
The Management
Dr.A.C.Shanmugam, Chairman,RRGI.
Er.A.C.S.Arun Kumar, Vice Chairman, RRGI
Dr. S.Vijayanand, Executive Director, RRGI
Sri.C.N.Seetharam, Chief Executive officer, RRGI
Dr.S.Jeyabalan, Special Officer, RRGI
Head of Institution
Dr. T.Chandrashekara, Principal
Dr. R. Balakrishna, Dean

Faculties of Department of Civil Engineering
Dr. V.Ramesh, Professor& Head of the Department
Dr. D.C.Sharma, Professor
Dr. K.Aravinthan, Associate Professor
Mrs. Malarvizhi.M.C, Assistant Professor
Mr. Kamalakara .G.K, Assistant Professor
Ms. Veena .N, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Babitha .M, Assistant Professor
Ms. Ashwini .L.K, Assistant Professor
Mr. Gangadhar .N, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Vindhya Shree .M.P, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Shalini .G.V, Assistant Professor
Mr. Bhaskara .A.N, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Kavya.MP, Assistant Professor

Non teaching Faculties
Mr. Avinash.S, Tutor
Mrs. Sharada.S, Instructor
Ms. Chetana.B.R, Instructor
Mrs. Hemalatha.K.P, Instructor
Mr. Abhishek gowda.S.D, Instructor.