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Expert Talk on Introduction about Analog Circuit Design

Resource Person : Shripad Annigeri, Entrepreneur and Ex-Director of Mega Chips

Date : 19th August 2017

Venue : Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam Hall,RRCE, Bengaluru

Objective :
Analog circuit design is one of the key management in design and manufacturing of analog ICs. Analog circuit is one of the important skill the student should develop for getting a place on VLSI industry. The design using the tools such as cadence will definitely give an assurance to the student to find the job in the core industry. So different opportunity companies prerequisites for all discussed by the most experienced person in the VLSI industry.

No. of Students enrolled : 100

Target Participants : 7th Semester students of ECE are invited to Participate

Outcome of the Program :

  • The Students are given awareness and students have gained lot of knowledge on perspective of VLSI industry and seriousness of getting trained and the projects relevant to the field.
  • End to end projects for the span of at least 2 semester will help the students for getting jobs in core engineering companies.