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An interactive Session with Alumni

Date : 22nd June 2024
An interactive Session with Alumni (2020-2022)
Resource Person:
Mr. Manojkumar G A, (MCA Alumni 2022), Vrize, Bangalore
Mr. Aravind V, (MCA Alumni 2022) Expleo, Pune &
Ms. Sangeetha V, (MCA Alumni 2022), Veave Technology, Bangalore.
About the Program:
The MCA department in association with Alumini organized interactive session based on “Autonomous Syllabus” .
Objective of the Program:
The interactive session on “Autonomous Syllabus,” organized by the MCA department in association with alumni, aims to introduce participants to the concept and benefits of an autonomous syllabus. Alumni shared real-world experiences and discussed how an autonomous syllabus will impact the students careers. The session explored how this approach enhances curriculum flexibility and adaptability to industry needs. Effective evaluation strategies and feedback mechanisms will be highlighted to ensure continuous improvement. Additionally, the session will foster collaborative networks between students and alumni for mentoring and project collaboration while identifying future trends and innovations in autonomous education
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