Union Minister Prakash Javadekar is back in news again with an announcement making atleast 3 internships mandatory for engineering students across the country. These three internships could be of four to eight weeks each and be completed before the course completes.

It would be the responsibility of the institution to provide the students with internships. The minister also included a mandatory annual refresher course for all teachers through the swayam portal in order to keep up with the advances in their field of study.

The survey of 2015 reported that over 55% of engineering students remained unemployed that year. The statistics showed that out of 15.87 students that graduated, only about 7 lacs were employed in that year. The initiative is a result of the low percentage of employable engineers and its objective is increasing the employability rate to over 60%. Apparently, for long reputed engineering institutions have been emphasizing the significance of internships with respect to engineering education. Internships give engineers the necessary experience to kick start a career with ease and confidence as they’ve already had a hang of it. Furthermore, even companies are not willing to employ students as they lack the skills needed. Internships will help students overcome this snag and get them industry ready.


Source: https://thelogicalindian.com/news/compulsory-internship-for-engineering-students/