Life is a journey, not a destination’ – However cliché this quote may sound, it does hold true and not only for life but for engineers as well. Why? because, parents in India generally have common dreams of seeing their children grow up into either doctors or engineers. It’s been there for decades. Though, it looks like that the scenario is changing but we all know that this sure is going to take time. So, with an objective to make their children doctors or engineers they keep on feeding our minds as toddlers or kids, until some of them realize their dream on their own or with parental support viz. Buying a medical or engineering seat at a hefty price.

NEET has off course shattered many parental dreams of making their children doctors already, but thankfully for some ambitious parents, engineering is not the case. Many of you would definitely agree with the consistent pestering of parents about studying hard just to get marks enough to crack the engineering college gates. So, you need to work really hard starting 10th then 12th until to get admissions to the course. After that its about clearing all the subjects or scoring at the degree level. You do work your heart out just because there’s a hope that once you graduate, heaven’s waiting for you.
But, life is not always what you want it to be. Once you complete your engineering and start to find work or start working is when you realize the fact of the matter. You realize that the journey of hard work and study that you had begun in school hasn’t ended yet and the sooner you realize, the better, apparently.

Well, if you are an ambitious soul or even if you aren’t, still its better to keep yourself updated to stay in the race of earning livelihood, if not win it. Here are few tips on self improvement for you

Once you do certain things, activities or tasks, try to review them. It could be on a daily or weekly basis. Retrospection fuels growth and doing it for your self is always good. Keep practicing whatever you’ve learned and keep improving it based on your own reviews.

As a fresher, if you get the right guidance, it may as will help you grow and bloom as an engineer. So, if you know of someone whom you really admire or follow and who is an experienced engineer then have him/her as your mentor. It would certainly make a difference as you’ll avoid many mistakes you tend to do out of lack of experience, with their guidance.

Technical skills matter the most and with time you need to not only update your self with the latest in technology but even hone your skills consistently.

Change is the only constant and with time new comes and the old goes out. So, you need to keep learning across your lifetime. The best way is to join some evening classes or if there is lack of time then online classes could also do.

Staying within your shell ain’t going to help you succeed. To succeed you need to get out of your comfort zone and explore new territories. So, don’t hesitate in taking risks and move out of your city when opportunities strike. Take it up as a challenge and give it your best.

Direction is a vital component of life, without direction you cannot reach your destination. So, carve out a roadmap for yourself, so, you know how to go about it. If you’re planning to go for higher education in India or abroad, start working or prep up yourself to become an entrepreneur. It’s all up to you. You need to figure out what you want to do and set a few milestones as well. A roadmap will help you keep in touch with your progress and the direction.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So exercise everyday, go for a walk or jog. Dedicate atleast 30 minutes a day to your body and see the difference for yourself. It will add to your stamina and keep you fit to face every situation coming your way.

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