CareerScope - Electronic and Communication Engineering -RRCE

Electronic and Communication Engineering has proved to be a stream that almost guarantees a lucrative career. Electronic and communication engineers are sought after by most of the MNC’s in India and the scope for growth in terms of work, and finances is immense. Hence, the demand for this course among the aspirants is quite high.

A bachelors degree from a reputed institution is always a good idea when it comes to choosing college for the same. As a graduate engineer you would be definitely getting a lot of opportunities but as the number of graduates are increasing in India in leaps and bounds, apparently a Masters degree is a better option. Having a masters degree can help you stay one step ahead of the crowd.

As far as the scope of work is concerned, job opportunities for ECE are available in the core sector as well as in the allied sectors and include consumer electronics manufacturing. IT and telecommunication, to name a few. Work profiles involve working with the manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair areas of electronic devices, systems and equipments.

Electronic engineers do work with IT companies also with some add on software engineering courses or without and even military, aeronautical and telecommunications fields.
If you’re interest lies in teaching or research then a PHD can help you out. Educational institutions and research organizations offer impressive packages to doctorates in engineering besides while doing your masters in Engineering or doctorate you are surely going to get a stipend for the same, so financial aid is always available with higher studies.

If you wish to aim for the stars, read an international graduate or post graduate degree then, it is certainly one of the best alternatives when it comes to choosing university or college education. But, it does come with a price tag. If you are confident enough to pay back after completion of your education which should not be a problem usually, then you may go ahead and seek admission in international institutions and try to get financial support through student loans. Though if ECE is your choice but you ain’t as good to acquire the seats for graduation in the stream through merit, you may opt for a diploma in ECE followed by a degree. Though, even for a payment free seat in diploma you need to score high in you 10th boards.

There are a lot of specialization available for the graduates seeking admission to masters degree. This includes VLSI Design, Embedded Systems, Digital Electronics, Automation, Communication Systems, Power Electronics and more.

Well, a degree in engineering does pay better if its acquired through merit but eligible students have a choice of opting for payment seats through management quota.