English Speaking

While the number of engineering colleges in India has been on a rise, due to the huge influx that engineering colleges receive for their various courses, one issue that still remains to be completely resolved is students struggling with English Language. Though, there is no doubt the engineering schools have quite a lot of students that are bright and mostly above average as well. But, most of them seem to face the same problem more or less and that is with respect to English Language communication skills.

Here are the major issues that students come across while in college and even after graduation due to the English Speaking inability.

We all know that engineering education has all its medium of communication and education in English. If students struggle with english, it automatically impacts their understanding and learning in class. Most of them are not able to grasp what the faculty’s are explaining to them and is a big bottleneck. Many faculties across India have also been bringing this issue up.

Due to globalization, MNC’s are all over India and are hiring engineers here in leaps and bounds. But, when it comes to hiring employees, english Language plays a significant role. Thus, many engineering graduates struggling with English language, miss on lucrative opportunities from multinational giants irrespective of their technical capabilities as many of them are dropped out in group discussion levels.

As English has been the medium of communication at professional and business level, not knowing the language has impacted the confidence levels of the students and mostly the job seekers. Even at every level of communication it is confidence hampering for sure.

Having said that, there are many faculties who have suggested that the students struggling with English be groomed at college or university level so that they are more confident when they pass out as engineers. Further, it helps them grab the best of job offers across the world as globalization has opened umpteen doors to overseas work opportunities.

Well, its high time that universities and colleges look in the matter keenly and take steps towards including English grooming programs in the curriculum.