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Computer Engineering is one of the most high paying careers in Engineering. But, you need to have a plan in place before hand to get optimum output from it. Otherwise, considering high competition in the field, you might as well end up in a mediocre company and ruin your chances of progress to some extent. Many of us haven’t have a road-map planned after 12th about our career paths. If we do it once we get admission to computer science, we’re well ahead of the time and ready to take on the next leg. Here’s a run down some of the alternatives available after graduation in computer engineering.

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Post graduation
There is a lot of competition today in computer engineering and hence just a bachelors in computer engineering might just not give best results. So, you may well go for a masters degree, more importantly if you are will to work in teaching or research areas. After your masters you could start working or go for a Doctorate, for gaining a specialization in the area of choice. Its always advisable to have a thorough knowledge of your field. If you belong to a well to do family and there is no pressure of earning, better go for a masters or doctorate. With a Masters or Doctorate, you are always one up above your competitors. Specialization includes subjects like Operating Systems, Networking, Computer architecture and organization, Java Programming, E-commerce, ERP and multimedia organizations. The choice of an international college can help you be global ready.

A difficult code to crack but enormously advantageous for getting high profile jobs in government as well as private sectors like ISRO, DRDO, BSNL, New India Assurance and more. You may even do a masters degree after cracking GATE. The career in government sectors pay well and also offer much more job security compared to private sector.

Internship / entrepreneurship
If you’ve already planned on working after graduation or becoming an entrepreneur, you might as well start doing you internships with utmost dedication. The reason being, many companies out there do hire candidates doing well during their internships. Another gateway to getting a good launchpad early in your career is cracking in campus recruitment drives. Many corporate or IT giants recruit freshers through campus recruitment. If you can crack this code then its apparently the shortest way to a high flying career in Computer Engineering. As a computer engineering working for an organization you may work in the areas of web-designing, gaming, software implementation, hardware and maintenance and more. The various job roles in computer engineering career include E-commerce specialist, Data Ware house analyst, Software Tester, Software developer, Computer Programmer, Software engineer to name a few. As mentioned the scope for this field is enormous and giants like Wipro, Infosys, HCL, TCS, IBM, Accenture, Oracle and more are always on the lookout of suitable candidates for various job positions. In case you’re planning to start your own business, always try doing an internship with a SME, to get and hands on experience before you begin your own.

Well, there is no denying that Computer Engineering can pay your superbly, but still its advisable to have a road-map ready, when you’re pursuing your bachelors so that you have a clear idea about your career course.

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