EC Motors

The times of AC and DC motors are fast fading away and taking their place as the preferred motor type are the Electronically commutated or EC motors. The obvious reason being that these motors are better in many ways than AC or DC motors and most importantly because of their energy efficiency advantage.

Practically EC motors are apparently DC motors that are brush less and are controlled by external electronics like a variable frequency drive or an electronic circuit board. So what is the reason behind higher accuracy of an EC motor? Well, the rotor of an EC motor has permanent magnets while the stator comes with fixed windings. The electronic circuitry performs the mechanical commutation and the circuit board keeps the motor turning by switching the phases in the fixed windings. This leads to supply of the right amount of armature current. The end result is higher accuracy which is achieved because the current is delivered in the right direction at the right time.

EC motors are loaded with benefits. They run cooler than induction motors and make optimum use of power besides offering better control and performance because electronics control the stator. Besides, the EC motors do not have any brushes thus are spark free and have a long life. The compact size of the motor also acts as a space saver particularly when an external rotor is used instead of the shaft motor. As far as power distribution is concerned it is even more cleaner and their ability to connect to the AC main power supply directly is an added advantage. Last but not the least EC motors offer lower motor temperature, make less noise and start softly.

The basic usage of EC motors in in small domestic appliances like servo meters, motion control systems, but with the advancement of technology at super speeds, they are paving their path towards usage in other commercial small appliances with 12KW power output and more like condenser units and conveyor belts.

EC motors are good enough and better than AC and DC motors in many ways than one and hence are in demand.

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