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Google has recently reported that 1.5 percent viz. over 316000 of the user passwords have been compromised already. It has also said that users are not aware at all about the significant risk their email accounts, government or financial accounts are put too due to the use of unsafe or reused passwords. As per the report, shopping websites is where the risk is the highest.

Google has also recently announced about its new Password checkup extension for google chrome. Here chrome users can check their password they use for logging. If the password is not compromised then you receive immediate warnings from google.

Just like shopping websites the risk with many other popular websites is around 2.5 times more due to the reuse of passwords making is vulnerable to hijacking even more and easily. The reason probably users making use of unsafe passwords is their ignorance to a great extent. There is not much awareness around the reuse of unsafe passwords more importantly for government and financial organizations.

Now, google in its report has not only informed about the threat around reuse of passwords but also provided a solution to it in a way. As mentioned earlier the password checkup extension is your answer where once you flag it, 26 percent of the unsafe passwords are reset by users. This feature also includes facilities like giving more control over data to the users with the option to opt out of unknown telemetry. Furthermore, in case if any issues crop up, the company can directly inbox the user.

Well, the cyber marketplace is expanding and becoming and integral part of the human kind but it comes with its share of vulnerabilities and threats. Being aware about the safety and security is becoming all the more important as India is rapidly digitizing and every critical data is online and accessible too if adequate care is not taken in terms of safety and Security. Googles Chrome Extension is a step in the direction. Have you checked it already?

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